Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wait up guys!

We have been raising our Emma and now Olivia to be little world travelers. So far, we haven't made it farther than Hawaii, but they are experts when it comes to West Texas and the Texas Panhandle. At 6 months old, Olivia has already flown to Midland and Lubbock and she can't wait to go somewhere even more exciting than Hawaii so Emma can't rub that in anymore. Last weekend we flew to Lubbock for the baby showers of our precious baby girl niece that is due to arrive in November. (On a side note, we can't wait for the newest Thompson to get here!) We have learned that it is a bit more of a challenge to fly with two girls, two car seats, and all the items that are required to care for and entertain the same two girls. Thankfully, Emma, as always, is a big helper. She has decided that she can roll one of the suitcases all by herself. And I am not talking about a child-size suitcase - she has to roll one of our suitcases - all by herself. As we were going from baggage claim to our car, she took off with one of the bags that probably weighs almost as much as she does. Every little bit, she would stop to change hands and say "Wait up guys!" It was so cute. If we dared to ask if she needed help, she would get that independent look in her eyes and tell us "I got it!" Most of the time, it is so cute to see this self-reliant streak in her. Sometimes it drives me up the wall because she won't do what I need her to do. Or it makes me sad because she is growing up so fast. Either way, it is so amazing to see her grow into her own personality. I just wish it would go a little slower. Have you have seen the commercial with the dad talking to the little girl in the driver seat of the car about being a safe driver? Then they show the girl again and she is a teenager that is about to go for a drive by herself. I am not even sure what the commercial is for, but I feel like that is going to be me. Right now, 16 seems like it is forever away, but I also know that Emma will be 3 years old next month and it feels like yesterday that she was a newborn baby cuddled in my arms. And Olivia is not slowing down either - it doesn't seem possible that she is 6 months and 1 day old. I don't see any way to slow them down, so if you have any tips, let me know. :)

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Lisa said...

I think it is great that Emma is becoming so independent. She will be a smart girl like her mommy and daddy. And, Olivia has a great sis to look up to. Say congrats to Greg and Melissa for me! That is wonderful news!