Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Six weeks = Six hours

I can't believe that Olivia is already six weeks old - and she is growing so fast. I really treasure the time I am getting to spend with her right now. I am reminded daily of how blessed we are with our two precious little girls. Emma reminds me everyday of what a big girl she is. A few days ago she spilled a little bit of apple juice on her chair, so we took the cover off and washed it. I didn't get the chair put back together until yesterday while she was at school. When she came home she looked at her chair and said "My chair is all better. No more apple juice." It was so cute. And Olivia is getting much more alert. She will look at me when I talk to her and she will smile at me sometimes. I don't care what anyone says - it isn't just gas. :)

We are finally making some progress in the sleep department. She normally goes 2-3 hours between feedings at night - even though she goes 3-5 hours during the day. Well, about 3 nights ago, she decided to wait 6 hours between eating. I am not sure if it will last, but it is great timing since I was sick. Emma was sick on my birthday last week and I thought the rest of the family had escaped, but I started feeling bad on Saturday night. So Matt has been taking all the night feedings. I am better today, but I hope Olivia keeps up with the 6 hours. :)

Emma sporting her new cool shades - even upside down!

Precious peanut

6 weeks old

Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Freebies

This is a bit of a random post for me, but I just had to share some of my recent research. A few weeks ago, I was inspired by Extreme Couponing to try to find free things that I could get for my birthday. Here are the best sites that I found with lists of store and restaurant freebies. I want to give them all the credit for the work that they have done. :)

Hey! It's Free!
This site seems to be updated frequently.

The Frugal Girls
This site also has good non-birthday deals posted daily.

Good luck and let me know if you get any great deals!