Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stroller Time!

Our stroller came today. We were so excited to open the boxes and put it all together. Looks like the first grandchild is already getting spoiled. Thanks grandparents-to-be Gary & Carol!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall!

I am finally starting my blog, but you will have to be patient with me while I learn. I hope that this will be a good way to let everyone know what is going on with us and baby Emma when she gets here.

Matt and I are starting to work hard to get ready for Emma's arrival. I am in the process of changing my "craft" room into the nursery. Matt built some shelves for our guest bedroom closet so I can move some of my materials in there. I am also keeping him busy moving heavy boxes, cleaning out the attic, running up and down the stairs, and trying to find something that he can cook for me that I actually want to eat.

This week we are going to try to pick out the crib and bedding. We have seen a few things that we like, but nothing that was exactly what we wanted. Any suggestions on places to look at baby furniture and bedding in Houston are welcome. Or any good web-sites. Most of the ones that I have looked at on-line have tiny pictures and you can't really tell what the bedding looks like.

Thank you to everyone that has already done so much for us and been praying for us while get ready for our little girl!