Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emma's Artistic Side

So, I have been chastised for my lack of posting... I guess I have just been too busy living life with Emma (and Matt) to blog about the joy of life with Emma. I will try to catch up on what we have been doing recently in the next week. I am also uploading new photos to our Picasa web albums.

The Craft Table
Emma needed a place to express her creative side (instead of sitting on the floor), so we got a craft table for her. We found one that is big enough for Matt and I to sit with her, and we all love it. She enjoys using it to color, eat her snacks, and just hang out. The first day we had it, I asked her if she wanted to eat breakfast at her table. She instantly ran to the table and sat on one of the chairs. When she wants us to color with her, she points at one of the empty chairs and says "Down." Who can resist that? And I must say that washable crayons/markers/paint are some of the best inventions ever!