Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas

We woke up to a white Christmas in Midland this morning! I had no idea that there was a chance of snow, so it was a great surprise. We took Emma outside for a few pictures, but it was too cold to keep her out there for long. Emma is getting very spoiled by her grandparents and great-grandmothers. It has been a wonderful visit so far. Now it's time to go to bed so that Santa can come!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Caught up - on one thing at least :)

Well, I finally caught up on the week by week slideshow. I can't believe that it was at 33 weeks. I am going to leave it up for a little while, then I will replace it with a month by month. Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up with that one. I hope you enjoy looking at how much Emma has changed in the last year.

I have been sitting on the floor in the living room with Emma playing by me while I have been working on this. She just crawled over to me, layed her head down on my lap and fell asleep. How precious is that? I am so blessed. Now I need to go get ready for church in a hurry or we are going to be very late.