Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Smack You!

Last night we were reminded that we have a parrot in the house. Olivia was eating carrots for the first time, and we were taking awhile. Matt had finished eating and Emma was eating some strawberries for desert. In between feeding Olivia bites, I started nibbling on a wonton. Matt looks at me with a completely innocent face, and says that I must be hungry. In shock, I ask him what he means because it sounds like he just called me a pig. He smiles and says again that I must be hungry. Hmmmph. So, my natural mature response is "You better watch out or I will smack you!" A second later, Emma smiles, looks at her dad, and says "I smack you!" Ooops! So now I am apologizing to Matt and Emma saying that wasn't a nice thing for me to say and that we shouldn't ever say that to anyone. The fact that I am having to bite me toungue to keep from laughing isn't helping things at all. Matt enjoyed the entire experience and my backtracking to convince Emma that it wasn't a nice thing to say entirely too much.

Now I am just hoping that Emma doesn't start telling her friends at school that she will smack them. Definitely don't want to have to explain that one to the teachers.