Monday, October 27, 2008

Touring the Labor and Delivery Wing

Matt and I took a tour of the labor and delivery wing at the hospital last night. :)

I was having constant abdominal pain on the lower left side yesterday afternoon. We called and talked to the doctor on call and she said that we should go into the hospital and get checked out. When we got there, they hooked Emma and I up to monitors. Emma's heartbeat was very strong. I was having small contractions that I couldn't feel. They gave me medicine and were able to get the contractions stopped. They also gave me lots of fluids, antibiotics, and pain medicine. We went home around midnight.

On the good side - Now we know where to park, where to go in, and exactly where to go when Emma is really coming. No need to sign up for the official tour. I also know that I don't have any bad reactions to the pain medicine they use.

I had a check-up with Dr. Diase today and everything still looks good. I haven't had any pain today, so she said we would just watch to see if it comes back. She went over all the signs of labor to watch for and told us to be prepared. Emma could come anytime or she could still wait for the 20th. We just have to wait and see.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Emma's Sonogram Pictures

Here are some sonogram pictures that we have of baby Emma, beginning with her as a precious little peanut at 8 weeks. At 14 weeks, you can see her perfect little hand. At 20 weeks, her cute profile. At 28 weeks, the muscles and bones in her legs are already well defined.

This has been such an amazing experience to see her grow. I can't express my overwhelming sense of awe when the doctor pointed out her heartbeat at 8 weeks. And when they counted her fingers and toes at 20 weeks, I was amazed again. We are so blessed! And now we have less than 5 weeks until we will see little Emma face to face!

Monday, October 13, 2008