Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Time in Mama's Makeup

I am still surprised how far Emma can reach onto a counter. I don't think anything is safe from her anymore. This afternoon, she was able to get a makeup bag off the bathroom counter. The bag was zipped up tight, but my powder brush was on top of it, so it all ended up on the floor. Emma picked up the brush and immediately started brushing her face with it. She knew exactly what to do. She was even using a circular pattern. It was so cute.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Learning Curve

For a while, Matt and I have been sitting Emma Ruth on the toilet before she takes her bath. We just want her to get used to it - not that we are actually expecting her to get why she is on there at 16 months - even though I often hear that Matt was potty trained completely at 18 months... While Grama and Granddad Thompson were here last week, they bought Emma a little princess potty. Now we sit her on her little potty. Last night when I set her on there, she tinkled just a little bit. I told her good job and we moved onto the bath. This morning when I was getting her ready for school, I noticed her diaper was completely dry. I decided to set her on the potty again. She was not having any of that. She has never resisted sitting on the potty, but I didn't want to force her. Don't want to start a dislike to the potty. After I gave up and she was standing, without clothes, in the middle of the bathroom, she looked up at me. Then she pointed at the potty, maded a little "uuh" noise, and proceeded to tinkle all over herself and the floor. At least she acknowledged that she should have gone on the potty, right? :)