Friday, February 26, 2010

A purse and phone of her very own.

Emma Ruth is definitely my child. She has always had a thing for paper shopping or gift bags. When she got a gift for her birthday or Christmas that was in a paper bag, she would put her gift back in the bag and walk around adding other things to the bag like she was shopping. That's my girl!
Now I have been cleaning out the closet in preparation for a garage sale. I was putting clothes and some purses in a big box. I continued to look through my closet when I noticed Emma sorting through the purses. She looks at them all until she finds one that she approves of. Then she puts in on her shoulder and starts walking around the room. So adorable. The next thing she decided is that she needs something to go in the purse. I gave her some paper and some of her links, but that just wan't enough. She has always like our cell phones, so I was trying to think of something similar that I wouldn't mind being broken or lost. I remembered that I still have my old cell phone somewhere. So I found it, charged it up, and now she has a "real" phone to play with. She has some really interesting conversations with her friends on the other end of the line. I love watching her walk around with her purse on one shoulder and her cell phone up to her ear. Such a big girl.
Now here are just a couple pictures of Emma in a really cute dress that her Grama and Granddad Thompson gave her.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Power of Mama

So, Emma is still pretty stingy with her words. Her favorite thing to say right now is "Dog-uh" with a cute little emphasis on the "uh". But she has started saying Mama more. Only not always when she is referring to me. One morning last week as Matt and I were getting ready for work, we heard Emma making a little noise over the baby monitor. She sounded happy, so we were just leaving her alone while we tried to finish getting ready. Then she softly said "Mama.... Mama.... Mama" and how do you ignore that? So I ended up getting Emma dressed and feeding her some breakfast - then I tried to finish getting ready. A few days later, Emma was eating a snack and had finished everything on her plate. Does she say "More"? Nope. She says "Mama". And it is the same if Matt is feeding her or if she is feeding herself. And if she wants to be picked up, a different toy to play with, or simply more attention focused on her? Saying "Mama" is what gets it done. It sure didn't take her long to learn how well that worked!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Emma had a big Valentine's Day. We went to church this morning and then she ate spaghetti for lunch without getting it all over herself. :) After she got home and took a nap, she went for a ride on her pony. She has to get a lot of riding time in to prepare for the rodeo. What an adorable little cowgirl...

Then she got to open her Valentine's day present from her Grama and Granddad while they watched on the web-cam. (I highly recommend web-cams to anyone that is separated from their friends and family.) To top off the day her friend Zoe came over to hang out for a little while. It is so fun to see Emma playing with a friend. There's not much cuter than two little girls running around and giggling. Emma loves playing with Zoe and Zoe is pretty good with Emma - even with the almost two year age difference. I tried to get a cute picture of them, but I waited too late and the little ladies didn't want to cooperate. Maybe next time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All better at last!

Emma has been fighting an ear infection since before Christmas. We weren't sure if it was the same one or if she was getting better between different infections. We have tried several antibiotics without improvement. To make it worse, Emma had an allergic reaction to one of them. :( Her doctor had told us that we would have to take Emma to a specialist if this last one didn't work. She had her checkup this morning, and I was really hoping that she would be better. When the doctor was checking her ears, I was holding my breath waiting for her diagnosis.... and her ears look better! They still have a tiny amount of clear fluid, but the doctor said that was to be expected since they had been infected for so long.
After we made it through that, Emma had to get her iron levels checked because it was low at her 12 month well baby visit. They have to draw blood to check her levels and that is typically the most painful part of going to the doctor. Emma is typically a slow bleeder, so it takes a while for them to get enough blood. She normally wails the entire time they are working on her and I can't stand it. I was bracing myself for Emma's pain as they pricked her finger - and Emma didn't react beyond gently trying to pull her arm away. She set and watched the entire process without crying at all. I think the worst part of it for her was when they put the band-aid on and she couldn't get it off. Over all it was a great visit to the doctor!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bath Time

Emma has loved taking a bath since her very first time after we brought her home from the hospital. Even if she is fussy, when you stick her in the water she turns into a giggling, happy baby. It is an interesting transformation. She has taken several bubble baths, but she is still amazed when she gets bubbles in her hands. She will hold up her hand and look closely at the bubbles. Then she will close her hand and watch the bubbles squish out. Then when she opens her hand she has to examine it to see where the bubbles disappeared to. It is so precious. She is also fascinated by pouring water. Tonight during her bath, she kept handing me her purple octopus toy. It has three small holes in it so water drains slowly out of it. I would fill it with water and hold it up so she could watch the three streams of water run out. She would move her hands underneath the water then try to catch it in her little fist. I had Matt bring me my camera, but I just couldn't catch the expression of wonder on her face. She still looks pretty cute though!